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Pediatric Exercise

This course focuses on exercise and physical activity in children and adolescents. This course introduces students to the anatomical and physiological changes that occur with growth, maturation, and puberty on the individual fitness components (body composition, cardiorespiratory endurance, anaerobic fitness, and muscle strength). Applied concepts in exercise physiology to a pediatric population such as resistance training, thermoregulation and considerations specific to a child athlete will also be discussed. A special emphasis will also be on public health policies and national recommendations for children and adolescents including physical activity, physical education, nutritional intake, sedentary behaviors, and the built environment. Students will also explore clinical pediatric health issues (asthma, diabetes, congenital heart disease, obesity, etc), including a clinical condition of their choosing, and how to adapt appropriate and safe physical activity and exercise programs. Finally, this course also includes a hands-on externship at a local school or agency, whereby students will observe and eventually lead children/adolescents in age-appropriate activities and exercise.

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