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Electronics I with Lab

A brief introduction to semiconductor physics, leading to physical characteristics of pn junction diodes, bipolar junction transistors, and field effect transistors. Circuit models for diodes, transistors and operational amplifiers and their use in practical circuits. Analysis of linear circuits based on application of circuit models of devices and circuit theory. Note: When this course is not being offered, students may instead take PHYSIC 391 (Basic Electronics with Lab).

Offered in:

2016 Fall

Section Class Number Schedule/Time Instructor Location
01 3813 WF
10:00 - 11:15
Bell,Matthew Thomas S04-0073
Session: Regular
Class Dates: 09/06/2016
Capacity: 30
Enrolled: 15
Status: Open
Credits: 4/4
Class Notes:
Pre Requisites: Pre-req = ENGIN 232 and MATH 242
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