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Politics of Poverty and U.S. Social Welfare Policy

This course offers a survey of social welfare policy and the politics of poverty in the United States. It investigates the scope and frequency of poverty in the U.S., who is most likely to be poor, what has typified American responses to poverty, and the various explanations for why these conditions exist. Addressing these issues means that the potential role of group cleavages like race ethnicity, gender, and social class for determining public opinion and policy toward the poor is a central theme. The difficulties and relative efficacy of various forms of political action by the poor, on behalf of the poor, and against the poor are also considered. The course relies on empirical evidence, from authors across the ideological spectrum, to evaluate claims about the poor, poverty politics, policymakers, power, and social welfare policy.

Pre Requisites: Pre-req = At least one of the following: POLSCI 102, POLSCI 203, SOCIOL 101, previous diversity course, junior standing or permission of instructor

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