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The Politics of Communication (C)

What is the difference between the evening news on television and the entertainment programming that follows it? How, if at all, have propaganda techniques changed from "Triumph of the Will" (a film made for Hitler more than 50 years ago) to contemporary political campaign spots? Why does the word "America" appear in so many commercial messages? Why does a dark blue suit carry authority, and why don''t men wear high-heeled shoes? Questions such as these (and others that are even weirder) go to the heart of the politics of communication-the study of the many ways in which the daily sending and receiving of messages serves not only to tie us together but also to establish and maintain social relations of domination. This course examines these matters from a variety of different theoretical perspectives and with the aid of all the communicative resources that can be mustered, including speech, print, films, slides, and video.

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