The Taylor Center for Media, Arts & Technology is located within the College of Public and Community Service and was donated to the University by Jeff Taylor, founder of The center is named in honor of Jeff's father, Clark Taylor, who was one of the founders of the College of Public and Community Service, a former dean of the College, and is now a retired faculty member.

As per the mission of CPCS, the Center is envisioned as a facility for the development and dissemination of multimedia projects and applications that promote social justice, community development, international solidarity and egalitarian access to computer enhanced learning.

To this end, the Center is designed to serve a variety of functions within CPCS, including:

CPCS also invites other constituencies from across the campus and the surrounding community to make use of the Center in ways appropriate to its mission, in accordance with our rules of use.

At present, the Taylor Center comprises six components:

  • Macintosh Multimedia Presentation Room for video screenings, sponsored presentations, workshops, and classes requiring the hands-on involvement of all participants, with particular attention to uses involving multimedia and internet development.
  • Wintel Small Group Learning Facility for curriculum development, collaborative research, special workshops and tutorials, and classes requiring the hands-on involvement of all participants.
  • Digital Video/Multimedia Editing Suites a resource facility for training, tutoring, and instruction in digital video editing and multimedia authoring for pre- and post-production of any video.
  • Individualized Tutoring Room for one-on-one and small group computer-enhanced tutoring exercises for specialized academic support services.
  • Mobile Laptop Computer Cart and Projector for extending every classroom to a technology-enhanced classroom when needed and for small group collaborations on an ad hoc basis.
  • Web hosting and Streaming Servers for hosting CPCS faculty and student web pages and for providing streaming platforms for video and multimedia content.

The Center will operate primarily on the basis of scheduled events. Anticipated hours of operation are 8:30 AM to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday. During those periods when there are no scheduled events, the Center is available to members of the UMass Boston community for other uses in accordance with our rules of use. At capacity, priority will be given to CPCS students, staff, and faculty

Proposals for use may be submitted to the CPCS Dean's Office.

(Approved by CPCS Policy Board May 22, 2003)