Our Vision & Mission


The vision of the College of Public and Community Service (CPCS) is two-fold: 

1.) CPCS is committed to being the premier college for individuals seeking an education to actualize the goals of social and economic justice.

2.) CPCS envisions a GLOBAL community in which every member has access to the resources necessary to fully participate in social, economic, civic, cultural, and political life. 


The mission of the College of Public and Community Service is to educate students to foster the public good. The College seeks to advance its mission by:

  • Preparing professionals dedicated to building healthy, safe, and sustainable communities…locally, nationally, and globally
  • Conducting research to improve professional practice and to inform community change to advance the goals of social and economic justice  
  • Engaging with the surrounding communities to engage in civic activities that lead to individual, group, and community empowerment
  • Providing an inclusive, participatory learning community that promotes diversity, equality, social and economic justice
  • Forging partnerships with public agencies, community organizations, and worker organizations to challenge the status quo and to realize systems change