Alumni share their experiences at a December 1, 2015 College of Public and Community Service alumni and student networking event at UMass Boston

As a College who is proud of their distinguished alumni, CPCS is committed to:

  • Showcasing your professional accomplishments
  • Providing you with professional development opportunities to help you advance in your career
  • Engaging you in the College's strategic priorities
  • Building your network of social and professional connections
  • Involving you with our current student population through activities like mentoring and guest speaking

As an Alumnus, you are part of a group of over 5,000 people and there are many opportunities for you to stay engaged with CPCS. Beyond financial support, we are actively recruiting alumni to get involved in the following priorities:

  • Participate in the College’s student recruitment efforts by sharing outreach materials in your communities and hosting informational sessions in your workplace or conferences.
  • Become an internship supervisor or suggest your workplace as a possible internship placement venue for current CPCS students.
  • Engage in alumni outreach, and coordinate alumni communications and events
  • Be a guest speaker in our classrooms, at informational sessions, and in community forums.
  • Identify programs to receive financial support from interested alumni
  • Mentor current CPCS students
  • Advise the college to help insure that our majors and course offerings remain on the cutting edge

At CPCS, everyone matters and we need YOUR support. Help us continue with, and expand upon, the very activities and interest that initially drew you to CPCS as a student.

If you can donate a few hours of your time to help us reach our goals, send an email to  Please include your current contact information and a brief statement of what you are doing.

Share your experience, provide a testimonial about your time as a student at CPCS and update us about what you are doing now.


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Amsale Aberra

Amsale Aberra

College of Liberal Arts, BS Political Science, 1981

"I couldn't afford to buy new things. That's when I first thought of becoming a fashion designer."

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