Become a Mentor

Many CPCS students have career-related questions about the public and community sector. As a CPCS graduate working in the field, YOU may be the person with the answers for our inquiring students.  Please help us compile a directory of CPCS grads working in a wide variety of positions and willing to sharing their expertise to guide that student in career making decisions.

Your involvement could be as simple as a short phone conversation or replying to an email that answers a question, or two, for a student.  Or, it could be as involved as spending several hours having a student shadow you on the job. The level of involvement is up to you.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, mentoring is for you!

  • Are you able to help advise a student on which course or field work is more pertinent to their chosen career?
  • Could you provide a job-hunting student with additional information about a specific agency or organization?
  • Would you let a senior-level student shadow you for a few hours in order to gain a better understanding of what a particular position really entails?
  • Are you willing to share your expertise on opportunities available in a given field?

Mentor Directory
If you are interested in being listed in our Mentor Directory, please email your contact info, job title, and the name of organization you work for to our Interim Dean,

Thank you for paying-forward the difference CPCS has made in your life to another.