Each One, Reach One

Participate in CPCS' “Each One, Reach One” Student Recruitment Campaign

You are part of an illustrious group of CPCS alumni who are making a difference in the world, and we want your alumni group to expand by your participation in our "Each One, Reach One" Student Recruitment Campaign. Your fellow alumni friends include many high profile public figures, as well as many inspirational community, national and international leaders, agency administrators, and public and community service workers in many different arenas. 

Our goal is to have a steady population of 1,000 CPCS students and we need your to help make that happen! Many people seek to build their careers on doing a job that makes a difference, and for 40 years CPCS has been proudly helping thousands achieve their career dreams in the rewarding field of public and community service.

Our experience shows that the most effective way for the CPCS to recruit new students is through word of mouth—a student or graduate telling a friend, co-worker, or family member about their experience at the college and its unique academic programs.

As our most effective ambassadors, we ask you to spread the word about CPCS.  To help you in that endeavor, we are more than willing to bring an information session to your workplace or gathering where potential students might be gathered.  In general, information sessions take about an hour and potential students will have an opportunity to learn more about the college and become acquainted with the University, the cost of attending, financial aid, and student services.

Information sessions can be a gathering of as few as two or three people or a large group—and we can give a full information session or just a brief overview of our degree and certificate programs.  Information sessions can be held here on campus, as well as at your workplace, an onsite conference, or some other organizational event.

We can also provide you with pamphlets about the college that you can leave in appropriate places or pass on to interested potential students.  You can download current program fact sheets to get started today.  Tell us how we can help YOU get the word out about CPCS and we’ll work with you to create a way to accomplish that. 

To learn more and get involved in “Each One, Reach One,” email our Interim Dean at  Our alumni have always been our best advertisement and greatest asset!  Thank you in advance for your help and support.