Beyond the Classroom

CPCS Professor Joan Arches with a group of students and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

The College of Public and Community Service offers innovative courses that may involve learning beyond the classroom.  Such learning opportunities may include:

  • Service-learning
  • Internships
  • Project-based learning
  • Civic engaged research
  • Learning in college/university-community partnerships
  • and other creative learning options.

We believe that learning is a life-long process, and it can and does take place in many different arenas and through many different creative methods.  Community partnerships are central to carrying out learning beyond the classroom.

Believing that both community and individual empowerment are enhanced the more community and college are interwoven, a central focus of the College's practice is centered on developing recruitment initiatives, educational programs, and research that bring the College and the community together to work on the shared goals of community empowerment.

This commitment is evidenced by a range of partnerships between the College and the community, our collaborative field based learning projects, and in the research, professional and service agendas at the College.