Service-Learning Makes a Difference

The College of Public and Community Service is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our students and our community.  Through various clubs on campus, the Harbor Point Outreach Partnership, and other community-university partnerships, we have a vibrant list of activities and accomplishments. Highlights include:

  • Provided one-on-one reading help, assisted a librarian in setting up and maintaining a newly established library, ran reading programs, and worked with youth in and out of the classroom.
  • Ran workshops for parents on understanding the public education system and what resources are available to their children to assist in their public education.
  • At the Walter Denney Youth Center, set up youth-related activities and Life Skills and Philosophy discussions for teens.
  • Founded a Community Service Club for teens in which the youth learn about neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and volunteer at the Boston Home, a residential facility for people with neurological diseases.
  • Through the Community Service Club, middle school youth made cards for Haitians both here and in Haiti to show support after the earthquake.
  • Ran a youth participatory evaluation group to see if the program was meeting its goals based on youth defined standards.
  • Planned an intergenerational Martin Luther King Day event involving UMass Boston members of the Dominican Club and MANGU Club. Both young and elderly residents shared their lives and experiences with the Civil Rights movement and community engagement. A quilt was created based on the spirit and dreams of Martin Luther King. .
  • The Masters in Fine Arts students in the Creative Writing Program ran writing classes for the teens.
  • Students in the Philosophy Club, assisted by program members, continue to run a very popular Philosophy class for teens.
  • Students and UMass Boston staff worked with residents of 40 at Westwind (senior housing), running art classes, and hosting a St. Patrick's Day Dinner.
  • Youth Opinion Matters event brought together CPCS students, special guests and local youth to discuss violence prevention and enhance youth empowerment in communities.
  • Facilitated Intercultural Dinner at the Walter Denney Youth Center to bring local families together into shared community spaces around Thanksgiving time.

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