Faculty & Staff

Ann Withorn, PhD

Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Human Services and Public Policy, College of Public and Community Service


Areas of Expertise

Social Welfare Policy, Non-Profit Organizations, Social Movements, Women in Poverty, Higher Education Policy and Organizing


PhD, Social Policy, Brandeis University

Additional Information

Professor Withorn is actively involved in research, writing, and advocacy around higher education, anti-poverty policy and welfare rights issues. She speaks and writes about poverty, higher education, ideology and 
the welfare state, privatization, social services and social movements.

In addition to numerous research studies, articles and essays, she is the author of Serving the People: Social Services and Social Change, (1986), and The Circle Game: Services for the Poor in Massachusetts, 1966-1978.  She is co-editor of For Crying out Loud: Women and Poverty in the U.S. (1996), with Diane Dujon, South End Press, and 1986 with Rochelle Lefkowitz, Pilgrim Press, and Lost Ground: Poverty, Welfare Reform, and Beyond, co-edited with Randy Albelda, South End Press.