Faculty & Staff

Asgedet “Segi” Stefanos, EdD

Associate Professor of Human Services, College of Public and Community Service


Areas of Expertise

Planning and Social Policy in Education; Human Service and Social Welfare Policies and Practice


EdD, Harvard University

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Professor Stefanos has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at CPCS since 1989.  Currently, she teaches the following Human Services courses:  Professional Responsibility & Ethics, History of Social Welfare, and Case Management in Human Services.  She also teaches Diversity and Cultural Competence.  Courses that she offered in the past were in the areas of education, gender, economic development and national politics, and the literature of immigration and exile.  Her research interests and published work has concentrated on education in third world societies, with a focus on Africa and gender concerns.  Professor Stefanos has published several articles and book chapters on Eritrean official educational policies based on written documents and interviews with relevant Eritrean policy makers.  She has coupled this investigation into official policies with extensive field research, in which Eritrean women delineated their experience with and an assessment of their nation’s educational system.  Professor Stefanos has published work that analyzes Guinea Bissau’s effort to incorporate women in its formal and non-formal educational systems, guided by Amilcar Cabral’s worldview and Paulo Freire’s ideas of pedagogy.