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Reebee Garofalo

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Reebee Garofalo has been a professor at the College of Public and Community Service at U Mass Boston since 1978; he is also affiliated with the American Studies Program. Professor Garofalo is an internationally known scholar of popular music studies, who has written numerous articles on music and politics, racism, censorship, and the globalization of the music industry and has lectured widely on a broad range of subjects relating to the operations of the music industry. At CPCS he has been spearheading the Community Media and Technology Major–a cutting-edge media and technology program designed to encourage a combination of technical proficiency and social vision.

Recent Publications:
ROCKIN' OUT: Popular Music in the USA,4096,0130405981,00.html


ROCKIN' THE BOAT: Mass Music and Mass Movements

Evaluates the following Competencies:
•  Media Literacy
•  Community Action
•  Analyzing Media
•  Media and Community Building
•  Developing a Media Strategy

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