Graduate Programs

Group of students seated conducting an open discussion.

The College of Public and Community Services at UMass Boston currently offers one graduate program, the Master of Science in Human Services (MSHS).  This 13-course, 39-credit degree program offers a curriculum designed for professionals who aspire to become leaders in the human services field. The goal of the program is to prepare outstanding human services managers, program developers, and planners.

As a student, you can choose your area of concentration within our MS in Human Services program:

  • Human Services Management (Components include fiscal management, human resource management, strategic planning, data collection, information system management, and performance monitoring and evaluation)
  • Human Services Planning (Components include participatory planning strategies that improve human services programming, and develop the interpersonal skills required to work with diverse constituencies representing conflicting interests)
  • A combination of the two

Our Faculty offer students their experience in a variety of fields, including planning, management, social policy, substance abuse, family violence, child welfare, criminal justice, research methodology, financial management, fund raising, and program evaluation.

Our Students have access to a range of community-based nonprofit agencies that provide service-based research opportunities, giving them the chance to make professional contacts and explore new areas for career advancement. CPCS also sponsors professional development workshops that allow human services professionals to stay abreast of the latest advances in the field. 

Our Graduates typically combine their own experience and the skills they acquire in this program to move into leadership roles within their agencies, or to seek career advancement elsewhere. Graduates also gain skills to create their own businesses as private providers of public services. Others pursue doctoral study in related fields, such as social welfare, social work, social policy, or public policy.

Read more about our MS in Human Services program, the coursework, application procedure, and degree requirements.  If you'd like to speak with someone about the program, please contact Sylvia Mignon at or 617.287.7384.