CPCS Scholarships and Aid

The College of Public and Community Service is proud to administer several scholarships exclusively for its students.  Over the years we have received endowments and contributions from our alumni, friends of the college and others who support our social justice agenda.

The following scholarship opportunities are exclusively for CPCS students:

The West End Scholarship is offered each academic year to full-time students who are age 25 or older or have not been enrolled in higher education for two or more years prior to entering CPCS, and do not qualify for Pell grants. Preference is given to students who are parenting.

The Alvin Levin Scholarship is presented annually to a student with a recognized potential to utilize a college degree to improve lives and make a contribution to the community.

The Camille M. Presti Scholarship is awarded to a student with a dedication to volunteer service in the community.

The Evonne Hill-Shepard Memorial Fund is available to provide support for students and student-related activities including but not limited to: scholarship awards, reimbursement for seminar or conference attendance, and support for research and community based projects.

Tuition Credits, which reduce the cost of courses, are available to union members enrolled in the College of Public and Community Service. Requests for tuition credit(s) must be submitted each semester.  

For more information and applications for these scholarships contact the College of Public and Community Service at 617.287.7115 or email:

University Merit-Based Scholarships
UMass Boston is proud to offer many scholarship opportunities to students. The Office for Merit-Based Scholarships manages scholarship programs funded by or through the University.  Unlike financial aid, which is based on need, most scholarships at UMass Boston are based on merit which may mean academic performance, community service, or excellence in the arts. Many students from the College of Public and Community Service have been recipients of Merit Scholarships and are encouraged to apply. Please contact the Office for Merit-Based Scholarships for more information on these opportunities.