TriBeta Honor Society Applications

Welcome biology faculty, graduate students and undergraduates!
You are all cordially invited to join our chapter Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Biological Honors Society

Theta Omicron Chapter, UMass  Boston

TriBeta is a national biological honors society founded in 1922, with over 430 chapters and more than 175,000 members. The goals of TriBeta are to promote interest in the biological sciences and to support and promote student research. TriBeta holds national and regional conventions and publishes a journal, BIOS, in which students can publish their work. Chapters have regular meetings and organize activities in the spirit of the goals of TriBeta.

Application Deadline is September 22, 2014.

For Faculty, Graduate Students and Post-Bac Students to join, please click here

For Undergraduates to join, please click here for the Undergraduate Application

There are two types of undergraduate memberships:

Regular Member (one-time fee of $55.00–includes $5.00 chapter fee)


Is an undergraduate Biology Major – 2nd semester sophomore or higher
Has taken three biology classes (Bio111/112 + one 200-level course or higher)
– with at least two Biology courses taken at UMass Boston
Has a  “B” (3.0) average or higher in all Biology courses
Is in good academic standing
This is a lifetime membership and comes with a 2-year subscription to BIOS

Associate Member (one-time fee of $45.00– includes $5.00 chapter fee)


Is anyone that is interested in biological sciences but ineligible to be a Regular Member
This membership ends upon graduation or departure from UMass Boston and it comes with a one year subscription to BIOS
Once an Associate Member meets the criteria to become a Regular Member, he/she can change his/her status to become a Regular Member for an additional fee of $10.

Applications can be found in the TriBeta Office: CC/2/2300-10 or just outside the Biology Office: W-3-021.