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Notes from the Chairman

Dear Alumni and Friends of Biology,

We have had a very busy year with many exciting events, some of which are partly responsible for our delay in sending this letter out to all of you.  I will mention a few of these major events below.

Integrated Science Complex is Open: The biggest event was the move to the new Integrated Science Complex (ISC) which began in January 2015 and continues today.  The ISC is the first new academic building on the campus since our founding.  It houses most of the Biology research labs and faculty offices as well as research spaces for Physics, Chemistry, the School for the Environment and some Psychology.  The labs are wonderful and are this new “open lab” style.  Multiple research groups with common interests are located adjacent to one another with access to many common, multi user spaces.  This style facilitates interactions among faculty and students working in related fields. It also allows us to expand and contract easily to accommodate the space needs of different groups. The overwhelming feeling within the Department is one of excitement.  The ISC also houses new freshman biology labs and these too are spectacular and spacious.  The students love these new facilities and these will most certainly help us maintain what I have been calling our “brand” in biology; provide to all of our students the hands-on laboratory experiences that they will need to pursue their choice of careers and to be marketable whether they aim at research, a medical profession, teaching, environmental or biotech profession or careers in policy. Come visit us and see for yourself all the changes taking place on your campus.

Best wishes,
Rick Kesseli

Biology Department

We would love to hear from you! If you would like to share any news with you fellow alums, please email Ericka Gonzalez.