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Conservation Biology: A Primer for South Asia
Kamal Bawa

Deep-Sea Biodiversity: Pattern and Scale
Michael Rex and Ron Etter
Book Review in Oceanography

Recent Research Articles

Bowen, J. L., B. B. Ward, H. G. Morrison, J. E. Hobbie, I. Valiela, L. A. Deegan and M. L. Sogin. 2011. Microbial community composition in salt marsh sediments resists perturbation by nutrient enrichment. ISME Journal. doi:10.1038/ismej.2011.22 *This article was featured in the Research Highlights section of Nature Reviews Microbiology

Nutrient stoichiometry of linked catchment-lake systems along a gradient of land use
Alan Christian

Pollack, A.E., *Dimitrov, K.D., and *Drake, J.D. Prior treatment (priming) with caffeine sensitizes D2-dopamine mediated contralateral rotational behavior in 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rats. Pharmacology 86: (2010) 73-78.

Pollack, A.E. and *Thomas, L.T. D1 priming enhances both D1- and D2-mediated rotational behavior and striatal Fos expression in 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rats. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 94: (2010) 346-351.

Revell, L. J. 2010. Phylogenetic signal and linear regression on species data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution Early View.
Mahler, D. L., L. J. Revell, R. E. Glor, and J. B. Losos. 2010. Ecological opportunity and the rate of morphological evolution in the diversification of Greater Antillean anoles. Evolution 64: 2731-2745.

Lindenfors, P., L. J. Revell, and C. L. Nunn. 2010. Sexual dimorphism in primate aerobic capacity: A phylogenetic test. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 1183-1194.

Johnson, M. A., L. J. Revell, and J. B. Losos. 2010. Behavioral convergence and adaptive radiation: Effects of habitat use on territorial behavior. Evolution 64: 1151-1159.

Lovely, K. R., D. L. Mahler, and L. J. Revell. 2010. The rate and pattern of tail autotomy in five species of Puerto Rican anoles. Evolutionary Ecology Research 12: 67-88.

Yasuda, M., J. PAAR, M. Doolittle, J. BROCHI, O. C. PANCORBO, R. J. TANG, R. E. STONER, and M. P. SHIARIS. 2010. Enterococcus species composition determined by capillary electrophoresis of the groESL gene spacer region DNA. Water Research 44:3982-92.

Gilbert, M.M., Tipping, M., Veraksa, A. and Moberg, K. (2011) A screen for conditional growth suppressor genes identifies the Drosophila homolog of HD-PTP as a regulator of the oncoprotein Yorkie. Developmental Cell 20, 700-712.

Tipping, M., Kim, Y., Kyriakakis, P., Tong, M., Shvartsman, S.Y. and Veraksa, A. (2010) β-arrestin Kurtz inhibits MAPK and Toll signaling in Drosophila development. EMBO Journal 29, 3222-3235.

Veraksa, A. (2010) When peptides fly: advances in Drosophila proteomics. Journal of Proteomics 73, 2158-2170.