Biology (Minor)

Biology Minor Requirements

  • Biology 111 and Biology 112. 
  • Four additional biology courses (at least 12 credits), with or without associated lab. Of these courses, two must be at the 200 level and two at the 300 level. (Or you may take three 300 level and one 200 level, or four 300 level courses).
  • At least three of the six required courses (including one course at the 300 level) must be taken at UMass Boston.
  • Only one course for the minor can be taken pass/fail, provided all 6 classes are taken at UMass Boston.
  • The overall GPA for all courses taken to meet the biology minor requirement must be at least 2.0.
  • Student who take a biology minor in a field of study that is closely related to their major may apply or overlap (double count) all courses at the 100 & 200 levels, but only one course at the 300 level may be counted for both the minor and the major.