• Combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Chemistry (5-year program)
• Master of Science in Chemistry
• PhD in Chemistry/Green Chemistry Track
• PhD in Chemistry/Biological Chemistry Track
• PhD in Chemistry/Chemistry Education Research Track
• PhD in Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry Track
• PhD in Chemistry/Organic Chemistry Track
• PhD in Chemistry/Physical-Analytical Chemistry Track

The Graduate Committee of the Chemistry Department has developed the following learning goals for our graduate students:

  • Students will be trained to plan, conduct and report results from original chemical research, including the importance of adhering to the principles of scientific ethics with regard to use of sources, generating and reporting of data, and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Student will become experts in a narrowly focused area of chemical research.
  • Students will be able to comprehend and communicate advanced chemical principles as applied to the five major sub-fields of chemistry: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry, with special emphasis on organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry.
  • Students will develop an understanding of Green Chemistry and environmental responsibility.
  • Students will be able to think creatively and independently.
  • Students will receive training in good teaching practices.

Hannah Sevian

Graduate Program Director
ISC 3730
Phone: 617.287.7724

Rita Lam

Graduate Program Assistant
University Hall 3rd Floor Chemistry Offices
Phone: 617.287.6190