Chemistry, BA

The department requires 46 credits in chemistry, including the following courses:

  • Chem 115-117; Chem 116-118 (Principles of Chemistry I and II, and labs)
  • Chem 251-255; Chem 252-256 (Organic Chemistry I and II, and labs)
  • Chem 311-313; Chem 312-314 (Analytical and Physical Chemistry, and labs)
  • Chem 369-379 (Chemical Structure, and lab)
  • Chem 370-371 (Inorganic Chemistry, and lab)
  • Chemistry Capstone requirement (see below)

In addition, the Chemistry Department requires two semesters of Calculus (MA 140, 141) which should be taken as early in the academic career as possible, as subsequent chemistry and physics courses have calculus as a pre- or co-requisite.

Two semesters of Calculus-Based Physics (PHY 113, 114) and Physics Lab (PHY 181, 182) are also required, and should be taken as early in the academic year as possible, as subsequent chemistry courses have physics as a pre-requisite.

Capstone Requirement: Students majoring in Chemistry must, during their senior year, register for CH 491 (Senior Thesis). This course will require the student to undertake a research project, either in the laboratory or literature-based research, culminating in the preparation of a research paper of significant length. The student will also present the work orally at the end of the semester. Research topics must be approved by the faculty mentor before research begins. A grade of at least "C" in the capstone is required for graduation.

Please note: Students majoring in Biochemistry may not also major in Chemistry.

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