Chemistry, BS (ACS-Certified)

The chemistry department has been authorized by the American Chemical Society to offer an ACS-certified BS degree in chemistry. Requirements for this degree include all courses required for the BA, plus:

  • Biol 111 (General Biology I)
  • Biochm 383 (Biochemistry I)
  • One chemistry/biochemistry elective that is a laboratory course (such as Chem 351, Chem 361, or Biochm 385, among others)
  • One other chemistry/biochemistry elective at the 300 level or above

A sample four-year plan to obtain the ACS BS can be found here, provided by the Student Success Center.

ACS Certified Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

If a student wishes to qualify for an ACS-certified bachelor of science degree in chemistry, the following additional coursework is required (beyond the BA requirements listed here):

  1. Qualitative Organic (CH 351) must be taken.
  2. Analytical Instrumentation (CH 361) must be taken.
  3. Two additional chemistry electives at or above the 300 level must be taken. These can be chosen from:
  • Biochemistry with lab (BIOCHEM 383, 385 or 384, 386)
  • Advanced laboratory (CH 481, 482)
  • Senior thesis (CH 491, 492)
  • Any readings or topics course in chemistry
  • Other chemistry non-laboratory electives
  • Any chemistry graduate course