Environmental Chemistry (Minor)

Environmental Chemistry Minor

The “Environmental Chemistry” minor is offered through the Chemistry Department. It should be explicitly noted that both Chemistry and Biochemistry majors will be allowed to pursue this minor, as the overlap between the Environmental Chemistry Minor and the Chemistry/Biochemistry majors is within the acceptable limits as defined by the college (no more than one 300 level or above course in common). The minor consists of the following courses:

                Environmental Core: EnvSty 101 and Chem/EnvSty 111L
                Chemistry Core: Chem 115/116/117/118
                Advanced Chemistry:Chem 311 or Chem 471  (Chemistry/Biochemistry majors must take Chem 471)
                Environmental Capstone: EnvSty 401

In addition, interested students will have the opportunity to pursue independent research projects under the direction of faculty in the Chemistry Department.