Contact Us

Please refer to an appropriate point of contact from the list below.

Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125
Phone: 617.287.6441
Fax: 617.287.6433
Email: csinfo "at"

Administrative Office

Location: Science Building, 3rd Floor, Room 157D
Phone: 617.287.6480

Department Chair

Peter Fejer
Office: S-3-184
Phone: 617.287.6453
Email: fejer "at"

Undergraduate Program Director (Computer Science)

Robert Wilson
Office: S-3-176
Phone: 617.287.6475
Email: bobw "at"

Undergraduate Program Advisor (Information Technology)

William Campbell
Office: S-3-183
Phone: 617.287.6449
Email: william.campbell "at"

Graduate Program Director

Dan Simovici
Office: S-3-173
Phone: 617.287.6472
Email: dsim "at"

Seminar Coordinator

Bo Sheng
Office: S-3-075
Phone: 617.287.6468
Email: shengbo "at"

Jobs and Internships Coordinator

Elizabeth O'Neil
Office: S-3-167
Phone: 617.287.6455
Email: eoneil "at"

Administrative Assistant

Allison Christiansen
Office: S-3-182
Phone: 617.287.6476
Email: allisonc "at"

Graduate Program Secretary

Gemma Galecia
Office: S-3-132
Phone: 617.287.6441
Email: ggalecia "at"