Picture of undergraduate computer science students

Undergraduate Programs

The Computer Science Department offers a BS degree and a BA degree. Our BS program is accredited by ABET, which assures quality for degree programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. The BS program provides a rigorous education in theory and practice of computer science in addition to outside science courses. Our BA program provides a similar education in the theory and practice of computer science with more of an emphasis on outside humanities. Either degree can be used as a basis for many jobs in industry or for graduate work in computer science and other fields. We have an Honors Program for students who complete an honors thesis.

Students who are majoring in other fields may also pursue a Program of Study in Computer Science which is equivalent to a minor and may be a useful supplement to their education in many other fields that use computers today. We also provide a CS105 course introducing computer literacy for non-majors.

In addition, we offer two undergraduate computer science certificate programs for non-degree seeking students. The major certificate provides an education equivalent to our BA and may be beneficial for students having undergraduate degrees in other fields who want to demonstrate their competence in computer science. The minor certificate provides a fundamental core education in computer science that may be appropriate for students who need a computer science education in their career field.

We offer a curriculum stressing software development. It provides training appropriate for students with interests in areas such as systems programming, compiler development, artificial intelligence, database management, and software engineering. An aptitude for logical reasoning and mathematics is needed to complete the major successfully, partly because designing programs to solve problems requires good problem solving skills and partly because some of the requirements are relatively advanced theoretical computer science and mathematics courses.

The department also offers courses in information technology. Two information technology courses, CS114L and CS115L can be used to get started in a computer science major in lieu of CS110. The other courses provide some further education in information technology. Additionally, the College of Advancing and Professional Studies offers certificate programs in information technology.

The College of Management provides a program in Management Information Systems.

At the present time, we are developing a BS degree in Information Technology. Students interested in the BSIT degree should contact us about availability of this program.


Currently enrolled students who wish to major in Computer Science or want to enroll in a Computer Science Program of Study should file a Declaration of Major form with the Registrar. This form, which may be obtained from the Registrar's Office, requires the signature of the department chair before returning to the Registrar.

New students who wish to work towards a BA or BS at UMass Boston must file the appropriate application with the Admissions Office. New students, who are not seeking a degree, but wish to earn one of the certificates in Computer Science, must file a Certificate Program Application form with the Registrar. The form must first be signed by the department chair. New students who wish merely to take courses may enroll as non-degree students. Transfer students should contact the Undergraduate Program Director, who can answer any questions about transfer credit for Computer Science course work done at another institution.