Computer Science, BA

Our BA program provides an education in the theory and practice of Computer Science with an emphasis on outside humanities. This degree can be used as a basis for many jobs in industry or for graduate work in Computer Science and other fields. We have an Honors Program for students who complete an Honors Thesis. The department requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Computer Science are given below.

Degree-seeking students must also satisfy the other requirements of the college such as the Core requirements, the English requirement, and the Writing Proficiency Examination requirement. These are not listed here.

Some students may find that their scores on the department's placement test indicate that they are not yet qualified to take CS110 or Math140. Such students will begin their course work with Math130 (Pre-calculus) or possibly Math115 (College Algebra). Credits earned in those courses count toward the degree, but not toward the major.

BA in Computer Science Major Requirements:

CS110 or CSL115; CS210; CS240; CS310; CS320L; CS341; CS420; and CS450

Math140; Math141; and Math260

Two applied computer science electives chosen from the following list. (One of these choices must be CS444; or CS451 which will be the capstone course for the major.)

CS410; CS430; CS437; CS444;CS445; CS446; CS451; CS460; CS470; CS615; CS630; CS634; CS636; CS637; CS639; CS641; CS644;CS646; CS647; CS648; CS651; CS664; CS670; CS672; CS674; CS675; CS680. With prior permission it may be possible to take an independent study course in place of one of the above

One theoretical elective from among: Math345; Math346; Math360; Math425; Math458; Math470; CS620;CS622; and CS624

One additional elective; either theoretical; applied or CS260

At least four 300; 400; or 600 level Computer Science or Mathematics courses must be taken at UMass Boston. This limits the number of transfer courses that can be applied towards a degree

A major must maintain a C average (2.0 GPA) in all of the above. Only courses taken at UMass Boston are averaged

Sample Program for the Major
We present below a possible sequence of Mathematics and Computer Science courses leading to satisfaction of the department requirements in four years. We do not show courses in other departments.

This schedule is only an example, not a prescription or a recommendation. Programs of study will vary depending on students' interests and abilities. Stronger students may wish to do more than meet the minimal requirements.

Math130 (if necessary)
CS110, Math140
CS210, Math141
CS240, Math260
CS310, CS320L
CS341, CS420
CS450, one applied elective, and one theoretical elective
CS444 or CS451, and one additional elective