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Todd Riley, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology -- Computational & Systems Biology, Cancer Genomics, and Molecular Biophysics


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Areas of Expertise

Computational & Systems Biology., Cancer Genomics., Molecular Biophysics.


PhD, Rutgers University, 2008 (Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics).
MS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004 (Applied Mathematics).
BS, Carnegie Mellon University, 1992 (Computer Science/Mathematics).

Professional Publications & Contributions

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Research Interests 

I am interested in the mechanisms of transcriptional and translational gene regulation in the cell. In addition, I study how those mechanisms go awry in gene regulatory diseases such as like cancer. In particular, my work focuses on biophysical sequence-to-affinity models of protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions using high-throughput microarray and sequencing data. Also, I use these affinity models in a Systems Biology approach to find TF-markers of cancer phenotypes.