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Wei Zhang, PhD

Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Center for Green Chemistry, College of Science and Mathematics


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Areas of Expertise

Fluorous Chemistry - Free-Radical Chemistry, Asymmetric Organocatalysis, Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry


Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
PhD in Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh,PA
BS in Chemistry (Analytical), Nanjing University, P. R. China

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Lab Location: ISC-3560 & 3570

The green chemistry research projects in Prof. Zhang's group are focused on the development of fluorous technologies for organic and medicinal chemistry applications. The unique phase separation-based fluorous technologies have been utilized in the development of a series of green techniques including chromatography-free separations, recyclable reagents and catalysts, atom economic multicomponent reactions, energy-focused microwave reactions, metal-free organocatalysis, aqueous media reactions, and modified reagents.

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