Physics, BS

To obtain a BS in physics you must earn a minimum of 40 credits in physics courses including the following:

and two physics electives at the level of 300 or higher.

In addition majors must complete the following science classes:

Students should note that the university requires for a BS degree six mathematics or science courses outside of the student's major field. Most physics majors (especially those planning graduate work and/or professional careers in physical science) will want to take more physics and mathematics courses that the minimum required for graduation. Students planning to pursue graduate studies are recommended to take Electricity and Magnetism II and Statistical Physics and two or more semesters of mathematics courses such as Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, and Introduction to Complex Analysis. All majors are encouraged to gain a facility with one or more computer programming languages.

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Professor and author Ed Tronick with his book.

Ed Tronick

Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Professor Ed Tronick was one of the first to show babies are affected by their parents' emotions.

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