McNair Fellows

What it means to be a McNair Fellow

McNair fellows are students with 60 or more credits. As a fellow, you will be paired with a faculty member and a graduate student who are experts in your field and shares your research interest. Together you will design, develop, and carry out a research project during the academic year. In addition the program will provide you with:

  • In-state tuition credit
  • A $2,800 stipend for the academic year
  • Workshops on selecting a graduate school, preparing applications, and taking the Graduate Record Examination
  • Seminars on research, writing, and presentation skills
  • Opportunities to interact with successful scholars and researchers as well as other undergraduates having similar goals
  • Information on how to finance your graduate education

What is expected of a McNair Fellow?

In addition to attending all scheduled events and working a minimum of 10 hours per week on your research project with your Faculty Supervisor and Graduate Student mentor, you will be required to:

  • Meet with the Program Coordinator once a week to discuss your progress and evaluate your experience
  • Prepare a written report describing your research to be presented at the annual graduation ceremony
  • Apply for admission to graduate programs during your senior year
  • Attend a professional conference with your Faculty Supervisor
  • Assist and support new participants by sharing program experiences with them
  • Cooperate with follow-up surveys