Scotland Exchange Program

As part of the College of Science and Mathematics' Student Success initiative, we are proud to introduce the Scotland Exchange Program, which has been developed with our partners at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), an urban university in Glasgow with many similarities to UMass Boston.  Our interactions have been particularly focused on the School of Engineering and Computing, and the School of Life Sciences.  Our faculty and staff have exchanged multiple visits, which have led to strong working relationships as well as a keen understanding of the programs and opportunities that might be available.

This program is primarily supported by a British Council grant for 20,000 pounds.  Additionally, Dean Grosovsky has committed more funds to send additional students, and to provide cultural experiences that are beyond the resources available in the grant.  These exchanges involve our freshmen and GCU first-years who will be abroad for one week. 

Freshman - First-Year Exchange:
This exchange promoted interactions and exchanges among our freshman communities.  We have made extensive use of online collaborative methods in our Freshman Success Community program, such as wikis for collaborative development of research assignments.  Because of this, we were able to include collaborating first year students from Glasgow.  In addition, we received funds for 12 student exchange visits, six from UMass Boston and six from GCU.  Before the exchange, we travel to Glasgow to meet with our colleagues to finalize the details of our approach.

Graduate Student Exchange:  The later phase of this program is our graduate student exchange.  We will provide for two collaborations between GCU and UMass Boston Life Science faculty involving graduate student thesis research.  We have funds for two graduate students, one from each partner institution, to spend a month in a collaborating laboratory to use instrumentation, methodologies, or analytical approaches to enrich their thesis research.  Funds are also available for a briefer faculty exchange visit in conjunction with the project.

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