Biochemistry Program ›

Learn about the interface between biology and chemistry in an integrated and rigorous curriculum. Biochemistry is the foundation for understanding the events that define life.

Biology Department ›

Explore the enormously diverse discipline of biology. The department offers high-quality academic programs and the opportunity for undergraduates to participate in groundbreaking research.

Chemistry Department ›

Make discoveries that will benefit society. The special emphasis of the department’s research and teaching activities is green chemistry, which aims to reduce environmental harm.

Computer Science Department ›

Develop your imagination while building the technical and theoretical skills you will need to solve the problems faced by today’s top computer industry professionals.

Engineering Department ›

Take small classes and receive individualized hands-on instruction from our expert, research-active faculty. Earn a degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering.

Mathematics Department ›

Study the underlying language of science and technology. A degree in mathematics provides strong, portable skills that will give you an edge in careers in business, industry, government, and teaching.

Physics Department ›

A focus on individualized attention and a strong emphasis on undergraduate research provides ample scope for physics majors.

Engineering Physics ›

Gain a firm foundation of basic scientific principles as well as the practical knowledge and skills required for specific engineering applications.