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Explore the Boston Harbor Marine Ecosystem

Learn about some of the species and habitats in the Boston Harbor ecosystem:

(A) Atlantic Cod | (B) Blue Mussels | (C) Crabs | (D) Comb Jelly | (E) Neponset River | (F) Winter Flounder |
(G) Sea Turtles | (H) Boston Harbor Islands | (I) Infauna | (J) Bay Scallops | (K) Tunicates | (L) American Lobster |
(M) Salt Marsh | (N) North Atlantic Right Whale | (O) Moon Jelly | (P) Plankton | (Q) Soft-Shell Clams |

About this project:

The Boston Harbor Marine Ecosystem Website is an educational resource developed to provide the community with a snapshot of the diversity of life found within and around the waters of Boston Harbor, and to foster a higher level of understanding about this valuable ecosystem.

Photo credits and acknowledgements:

The content on this website is made possible by photograph contributions from many different sources. The image of the Boston Harbor ecosystem on this page is a edited compilation of photos, some of which were taken by Professor Juanita Urban-Rich, Professor Jarrett Byrnes, Lisa Link, and Sharon Nebbia. Other components of this work are derived from works licensed under the Creative Commons, a list of which can be found here with their respective license status and source.

Any photographs not attributed above were taken by Sharon Nebbia, University of Massachusetts Boston.