School Seminar Series

Fall 2015 Seminar Series

This year the School for the Environment will be focusing its seminar series on Climate Resilience.  Each month we will host a guest speaker whose leadership in their field and their vision as environmental problem solvers will engage and stimulate transdisciplinary research and education in the school and across the university. Guest Speaker Seminars will be from 2–3 p.m. in W-02-0200.

On non-speaker Wednesdays we will host professional development seminars for graduate students. These seminars are open to all students and faculty across the campus. Professional Development Seminars will be from 2–4 p.m. in W-02-0200.

Periodically during the semester we will also offer longer workshops that extend beyond the seminar time or are scheduled at other times during the week. Those events will also be posted here.


Sept 16             Dr. John Mandelman, New England Aquarium. 
                        “Fisheries and bycatch: What is the impact on commercially valuable species in New England?”

Oct 7                Mr. Carl Spector, Director of Climate & Environmental  Planning, City of Boston
                         “How is the City of Boston approaching Climate Resilience?”

Nov 18              Prof. Jennie Stephens, University of Vermont
                         “Energy system planning post-Superstorm Sandy: Analysis of Climate and Energy Discourse” 

Dec 2                 Prof. Josh Galperin, Yale Law School
                          “Of raisins and resilience: The Constitutional requirement of compensation and coastal climate adaptation”

Graduate Student Series Schedule (see calendar at bottom of linked page)