Environmental Science, PSM

The Professional Science Track™ in the MS Program in Environmental Sciences is designed to build upon the unique interdisciplinary training and research capacities of the School for the Environment at UMass Boston. This track leverages the strengths in ecosystem assessment and management that permeate the biological and environmental science programs at the university against the rapidly growing programs in entrepreneurial science and industry-science partnerships. The primary goal of this track is to provide students who enroll part-time or full-time with natural science knowledge, quantitative skills, business acumen, and communication skills appropriate for existing and emerging professional science needs in the environmental sector.

This track requires successful completion of 30 credit hours consisting of:

  • One course (3 or 4 credits) in quantitative analysis (e.g., EEOS 601, EEOS 611, EEOS 623):
  • Three courses (9 credits) in natural sciences (e.g., EEOS 603, EEOS 607, EEOS 613, EEOS 640, EEOS 650, EEOS 665L)
  • Two courses (6 credits) in environmental law, policy, administration, management, or economics (e.g., EEOS 604, EEOS 616, EEOS 645, EEOS 670L, EEOS 674L, EEOS 675L, EESO 680, EEOS 685, EEOS 718)
  • One course (3 credits) in science communication (e.g., EEOS 654)
  • One course (3 credits) in management (e.g., MBAMGT 650, MBAACM 681, MBAACM 682, MBAMS 651)
  • One elective (3  credits) from a graduate environmental sciences or environmental law/policy/management course not taken to satisfy core requirement
  • Professional science internship (3 credits) (e.g. EEOS 798).


Criteria for adequate progress include performance in courses and seminar presentations (starting in the second year, each student presents one departmental seminar per year). Students are expected to maintain, at minimum, a B average (3.0) in courses; students who fall below that mark will be placed on academic probation and are subject to dismissal. Normally, two grades of C or one grade of F will result in dismissal from the program.