Clean Energy and Sustainability Certificate (Graduate)

As part of a state initiative funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a Business and Professional Education for the Clean Energy Economy (BPECEE) program was developed by a joint effort between the School for the Environment and the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness (SERC) at the College of Management.

The Clean Energy and Sustainability (CES) Program now offers workforce training in clean energy and sustainability at both undergraduate and graduate levels, including courses on climate change, clean energy technologies, and environmental management.

The CES graduate certificate comprises 4 courses, including an internship/practicum component.

For more information contact the CES graduate certificate director, Dr. Vesela Veleva.


Required Courses:

MGT 698/669/ENVSCI 698: Internship/Practicum  (OR: Independent Study, if no suitable internship available)

Elective Courses (select three from the following):

MBAMGT 671L Introduction to Environmental Management

MBAMGT673 Clean Energy Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

ENVSCI670L Environmental and Energy Economics
(Or - ENVSCI675L Economics of Renewables: Marine & Energy Resource or ECON697 Special Topics: Applied Economics Practicum: Optimizing the UMass Boston Decarbonization Plan)

ENVSCI 674L/MGT 674 Climate and Energy: Law, Policy, and Management
(or ENVSCI718L Environmental Law & Policy: Federal Agencies, Courts, and Congress)

MBAMGT688L: Global Warming and International Business Management - Business and Climate 


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