Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate (Graduate)

Geographic information systems are essential tools for understanding and sharing environmental information. The geographic information systems (GIS) certificate provides students with a comprehensive grounding in the GIS skills in high demand in a wide range of environmental jobs.

Course requirements are (4 courses):


ENVSCI 623 "Introduction to GIS", 4 credits

ENVSCI 625 "Principles and Applications of Remote Sensing", 4 credits

Electives (2 courses from below options 600-level or above, 300- and 400-level with permission of SFE Dean Robyn Hannigan,

ENVSCI 627 "Environmental Modeling with Raster GIS"

ENVSCI 629 "Advanced Topics in GIS"

ENVSCI 688 "Advanced Marine GIS"

ENVSCI 798 "Internship" (3 credits minimum)

ENVSCI 697 "Special Topics" (to be used to take 300-level GIS course for graduate credit, 3 credit hour minimum; ENVSCI 360 or ENVSCI 381 or ENVSCI 383)

ENVSCI 472 "Programming for GIS Science Applications"

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