Profiles of UMass Boston Fellowship Winners

Profiles of UMass Boston Fellowship Winners
Tim Menz
Biochemistry, 2006

A student who once struggled with tuition bills and academic motivation, Menz became known at UMass Boston for his dedication to his studies and commitment to helping others. A pre-med biochemistry major, he mentored his peers as a teaching assistant and served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer. Tim was recently awarded a Fulbright grant to work alongside doctors seeking to improve the high infant mortality rate in India.

Alex Penna
History and Political Science, 2000

Alex entered college at the age of 24 from a trilingual household. After earning a Fulbright to Norway and two graduate degrees, he went on to compete in the 2002 Winter Olympics as a cross-county skier.


Ben Day
Political Science and Philosophy, 2002

Ben began as a non-degree student, graduated summa cum laude and won a Fulbright to England. He was also a Marshall finalist and a Rhodes semi-finalist. He is now pursuing a Ph. D. at Cornell University.


Colin Ward
Independent Major, 2000

One of only 20 U.S. students to win the Fulbright to England, Colin earned a master's degree at University College London and is now an instructor at a college in Texas.


Mark D'Agostino
Biology, 2002

Mark entered UMass Boston with a GED and graduated magna cum laude. He excelled durning a semester at the University of Oxford and won a Marshall Scholarship. Having completed two masters degrees in England, he began medical school at Brown University in 2005.


Michael Plante
Economics, 2002

Michael, one of only ten undergraduates nationwide to receive a Fulbright Fellowship to Japan, studied at Osaka University. He is currently pursuing a PhD. in Economics at Indiana University.


Chuwuka Okafor
Biochemistry, 1998

"Chuka" was selected as a semi-finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship. He completed an MD degree at Boston University, and an MBA degree at George Washington University. He is now a resident in orthopedic surgery at a hospital in Philadelphia.