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The Office of Global Programs is an invaluable on-campus resource for international students, faculty, and staff, as well as scholars and other visitors.

Announcing the First Recipient of the Building a Better World Award!

Mariely Guerrero, recipient of the Building a Better World award.

Meet University of Massachusetts Boston student Mariely Guerrero, a junior in the Honors College. She is studying International Relations, a new major now offered at UMass Boston. Mariely will be the first recipient of the Building a Better World award, based on her commitment to international learning. Mariely is proficient in English and Spanish and will be studying at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy this semester. Her goal in studying in Italy is to acquire Italian language skills as well as international experience for her goal to one day join the United Nations young professional program when she graduates. “I have always been interested in how the world works politically. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to learn about the politics of that particular nation because you can learn it while you are experiencing it which is a whole different and fuller way of learning,” said Mariely. 

Building a Better World is a scholarship program related to Building the World: a book, blog, and research collection exploring achievements in engineering, science, and technology, from the Grand Canal of China and the Roman Aqueducts to Comsat and the Moon Landing, that shaped the course of history. Over 40 nations, from Afghanistan to Yemen, are represented: travel to these locations will be supported by the scholarship. We are pleased to announce that Mariely will be contributing to the Building the World blog, sharing experiences and insights during her time in Italy.

Congratulations to Mariely, inaugural recipient of this prestigious award, Building a Better World

Whether you are a UMass Boston student looking to study abroad, an international student planning to study at UMass Boston, a faculty member interested in transnational research, teaching and global-urban engagement, a department that wishes to bring visiting scholars to your department, a representative of a nonprofit or a university that focuses on international projects, a scholar hoping to come to UMass Boston for the International Visiting Scholar Academy (IVSA), or a visitor searching for workshops and seminars, the Office of Global Programs can help you. The staff, advisory board, and research committees work to help faculty create transnational academic curricula that reflect the university’s global-urban context and commitment to international affairs while developing transnational and trans-disciplinary programs through teaching, research, community engagement, and university functions. 

Get in touch with the Office of Global Programs by visiting the office on the second floor of the Campus Center, calling 617.287.5586, or emailing us. 



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