Study Abroad - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Why study abroad?

A. There are many benefits to studying abroad. Student returnees state they gained life-changing experiences and life-enhancing skills while studying abroad; below are additional examples:

Q. When can I study abroad?

A. Any time after having successfully completed one full semester at UMass Boston (not recommended for freshmen and seniors).

Q. What are eligibility requirements? 

Q. Where can I study abroad?

A. Almost anywhere in the world.

Q. How long can I study abroad?

A. Almost as long as you like, as long as you fulfill the residence requirements at UMass Boston.

Q. How many credits will I get while studying abroad?

A. It depends how many courses you take abroad.

Q. Can I take courses in my major?

A. Yes, you can take courses in your major and/or minor; electives are the easiest to transfer.

Q. Can I study abroad without knowing a foreign language?

A. Yes, since many of the programs abroad offer courses taught in English.

Q. Can I afford to study abroad?

A. You can’t afford not to study abroad! Studying abroad, however, costs more than a regular semester at UMass Boston for in-state students. 

Q. Can I get financial aid to study abroad?

A. In most cases, yes.

Q. How can I apply to study abroad?

A. By exploring this website.