International Visiting Scholar Programs IVSA / IVSA HEA

The Office of Global Programs at the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) announces the International Visiting Scholar Academy (IVSA) Program, a certificate program offered by the Office of Global Programs.

International Visiting Scholar Academy (IVSA)

Program Description

This is an academic program designed for international scholars interested in coming to University of Massachusetts Boston to participate in a series of transdisciplinary professional development workshops for their continuous improvement in teaching, research, and services related to their field.

In this program, visiting scholars (J1 visa holders) may be current faculty in post-secondary settings, researchers, and post-doctoral students seeking faculty positions in post-secondary settings.


Group of students

A cohort of 15 to 20 visiting scholars from various fields and different countries will be selected for each semester. As a group, the participants will interact and learn about topics related to:

The academy program will be coordinated and led by Dr. Cheryl Nixon (, Associate Provost and Associate Professor, Department of English and Dr. Ksenija Borojevic, Senior Director. It is a semester-long program available for both fall (September–December) and spring (January–May) semesters each year. Visiting scholars can apply for the program for either one semester or two semesters.

Program fee: $4,500 USD per individual visiting scholar for one semester-long workshop, $8000 for 2 semesters. The fee  includes expenses of program curriculum materials, handouts, Internet access, guest speaker honoraria, receptions, refreshments for each workshop, space rental, mini-conference, services for assigning/matching academic department at UMass Boston during the visiting program closing ceremony, certification, and J1 visa-processing services.

Program Contents and Timeline

Rolling Application: a year long
Application review: first week of each month
Invited visiting scholar announcement and sending and receiving the official invitation letter: March-April
Registration time:
For fall term – anytime during July 1- September 1
For spring term – anytime during December 1-  January 10
For fall term - First Friday of September
For spring term - Second Friday of January

The workshops take place during the academic calendar starting in  September  for Fall semester or in January for Spring semester.

Workshop I: Interconnectedness of teaching, research, and service and its triad relationship building; Conceptual understanding and differences among disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches with examples; Why transdisciplinary approaches?
Workshop II: Transdisciplinary approaches to teaching, research, and service with colleagues; Transdisciplinary approaches to teaching, research, and service with students; transdisciplinary approaches to teaching, research, and service with community members (October/February)
Workshop III: Multiple forms of constructive teaching and transdisciplinary pedagogical transformation (October/February)
Workshop IV: Social responsibilities in the life of the scholar for community transformation (November/March)
Workshop V: International scholar network-building for transdisciplinary teaching, research, and service activities; and tips for professional growth, scholar-leadership, and advancement in higher education academy  (December/April)
Closing Ceremony, Program Self-Evaluation, and Certification Award:
For fall term - December
For spring term – May


If you are interested in participating in International Visiting Scholar Academy (IVSA) at the University of Massachusetts Boston or have any questions regarding the IVSA program, please review the detailed information and the application form and contact:

Office of Global Programs
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125-3393
Phone: 617.287.5792

Application requirements: Please include (attach) in your email, the completed form below and your CV. When attaching the application form, please include your name in the document file name.

  1. IVSA application form  (e.g., John_Doe_UMass_IVSA_New_Application_Form_AY_2017-2018_Date)
  2. Current CV (e.g., John_Doe CV IVSA)

After we receive your email with the completed application form and CV attached to it,  we will review your documents in a week. We will acknowledge the receipt by sending you an email and we will ask you to schedule a Skype interview in the following week.