Student Life FAQs

Where do I go for a student ID and valid ID sticker which gives me free access to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Beacon Fitness Center, etc.?
To acquire a student ID you must go to the ID Office located in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, located in Room 3401 on the third floor of the Campus Center. You must present a valid picture ID or three (3) printed proofs of address to receive a student ID. To obtain a library barcode sticker on your ID, which allows you to use library resources, please visit the front desk in Healey Library. For more information regarding student IDs go here.
What about housing? Can I live on campus?
UMass Boston does not have dormitories or residence halls. There are a number of near campus living options available at the Harbor Point and Peninsula Apartments as well as rentals and room-shares in the area. Visit the Office of Student Housing's page for information.
How do I learn about or become involved in extracurricular activities, student clubs, student life resources, etc.?
The Division of Student Affairs provides opportunities for student growth and development, which complement the traditional academic mission in the classroom. These include student government, student leadership programs, student clubs, student events, and artistic opportunities.

The Graduate Student Assembly(GSA) is the graduate students' governance body and serves as the voice of graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus. The GSA is dedicated to enhancing the academic and professional development of graduate students. This includes support for graduate research and skill development through the recognized professional associations, Spayne Master's Thesis/Project Grant, Bollinger Doctoral Thesis Grant, and professional development grants.

Where do I go for printing, faxing, binding, poster, and banner services?
Some of these services are offered to graduate students through the Graduate Research Center located on the fifth floor of the Healey Library. For other print and/or copy services, contact Quinn Graphics.
I'm feeling overwhelmed and in over my head. What services are available to me?
Graduate school can feel overwhelming sometimes, but there are a number of counseling resources available to you. The Counseling Center is available to you if you feel that you need assistance. The center provides a range of services to help with managing time and improving academic performance, responding to traumatic events, dealing with challenges associated with various social and cultural factors, and identifying and managing self-destructive behavioral patterns, including eating disorders and problems with alcohol and drug abuse.