Online FAQs

How do I sign up for access to a free student email account?
For help activating a new email account, forwarding email, changing a forgotten password, or logging into the student email system, please go here.
What is WISER?
WISER is the web-based, self-service system used by students, faculty, and staff at UMass Boston. Students can access information regarding their account and use online features to update and maintain their personal, academic, and financial information.
How do I access UMass Online for online courses and Blackboard Learn for retrieving class material?
Blackboard Learn is an online learning tool used by students and faculty to assist with academic courses. Blackboard allows you to have discussions with your professor and peers, submit papers, and check or post your assignments. To access UMass Online and Blackboard Learn, click here
How do I register for classes, add/drop a course, view grades, or request transcripts?
Matriculated students can use the WISER system to view or update academic information on classes, grades, audits, and transcripts.
How do I access library services such as student computer labs and printing?
Student computer labs are located on the upper level and third floor of the Healey Library. Printing is available in the computer labs as well. Make sure to know your student email address and password, as it is needed to verify print jobs. To learn about other services offered by the Healey Library and for online resources, visit the Healey Library's website.
How do I access the university's academic calendar?
The academic calendar can be found here.