About the College

Two girls in an honors classroom

Honors College Mission

UMass Boston’s Honors College provides a home for a cohort of intellectually ambitious students who are eager to research complex local and global issues from multiple perspectives. This unique experience fosters independent thinking, self-discovery, and leadership among undergraduate students who reflect the vibrant diversity of our urban, local and global communities. Seminars are taught by distinguished faculty from across the University in a collaborative and innovative environment that encourages active inquiry and rigorous analysis.

Aspirational Vision  

  1. To welcome students at all levels of entry or continuance of study at the University to participate in courses that require them to synthesize challenging material, drawn variously from the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural and life sciences, nursing and health sciences.
  2. To create for students an environment of ecological learning, in which students and faculty use different paradigmatic lenses and methodologies to construct new ways to understand the diverse challenges existing within our local and global contexts. 
  3. To attract students to the study of complex systems, trans-disciplinary ideas, and knowledge development.


  1. To enhance students’ intellectual curiosity
  2. To model and inspire academic excellence
  3. To adopt leadership and integral supporting roles in the work of inspiring or advocating for individuals and groups, as well as ideas.
  4. To cultivate an appreciation for the connections among seemingly disparate fields of knowledge
  5. To generate excitement for exploring complex intellectual terrain and to foster ethical responsibilities in conducting research
  6. To encourage critical social consciousness:  to recognize our interconnectedness with others in local and global communities and to act on our responsibility to bring about greater equalities therein.
  7. To demonstrate how students’ developing knowledge and skills can benefit their diverse communities.

Honors College Components

The Honors College experience includes the following components:

Honors College Learning Outcomes

Honors College students will: