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  • Important: If you are filling out the application electronically on an Apple computer when saving the PDF please select File -> Print -> Save as PDF in the bottom left hand window of the print screen. The fields do not save properly if you save the document traditionally and you will be asked to refill the application.

The Honors College is open to first-year, transfer, and current students from all of UMass Boston's undergraduate colleges.  Honors College students are distinguished by their willingness to undertake a challenging curriculum that spans the arts and sciences. They are ambitious, intellectually curious, and often socially committed. At the same time, they are a highly diverse group, reflecting to a significant degree the university's student body as a whole.  Applicants with divergent qualifications or background are encouraged to seek a preliminary consultation with the college.

Honors College Benefits

Honors students benefit from specially arranged, small, interdisciplinary classes led by committed instructors who are often teaching in the fields of their own research.  In addition, students develop research skills through the Junior Colloquium and senior project and experience a curriculum that values engagement beyond the classroom

Application Process for Current UMass Boston Students Seeking join the Honors College in fall 2018 

Application Process for First-Year and Transfer Students Newly Accepted to UMass Boston 

  1. Attend an optional info session to learn more about the Honors College.  Honors College info sessions are available following the 10am Undergraduate Admissions campus tour on Thursdays.  If you cannot attend a session, please contact an Honors College Community Ambassador to set up an individual meeting to discuss the college and application process.  

  2. Submit a completed UMass Boston undergraduate application for admission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

  3. After receiving a UMass Boston acceptance letter, submit an Honors College application  (click the link for the application). 

  4. Complete a required interview with the Honors College dean.  Please note, the student must be admitted to the university before an interview is granted.

If you are a current high school student, we recommend taking college preparatory classes and, if possible, some honors or AP classes. Additionally, you should polish your writing skills, and complete strong coursework in math and foreign language. When possible, pursue your genuine interests—in arts or sports or computers, etc., and participate in employment and/or community service.

If you are a transfer student, we encourage transfer students to contact Rajini Srikanth to discuss your Honors College candidacy. Transfer students or graduates from a Commonwealth Honors Program are especially encouraged to contact Rajini to discuss continuing their honors experience at UMass Boston.