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About the College

John W. McCormack Graduate School and the University of Massachusetts Boston - Aerial View

Welcome to the McCormack Graduate School

The McCormack Graduate School was founded in 2003 to create a dynamic academic and research center in policy studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The school has built upon the foundation of its predecessor, the McCormack Institute, established in 1983 and named in honor of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John W. McCormack.  In 2010, we changed our name to the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies to better reflect our expanded global mission.

Read about our 30 year history beginning with the McCormack Institute, Three Decades of Accomplishment and Impact, 1983-2013.

Located in one of the world's leading cities for history and politics, ideas and innovation, our nationally and internationally recognized scholars offer world-class interdisciplinary education and values-driven research demonstrating our deep commitment to make a difference in our communities. Our faculty, staff, and graduate students critically examine policies to understand and remedy existing social, political, and economic inequities in domestic and international settings.

With an emphasis on social justice, government accountability and transparency, strengthening democratic institutions, and sustainable policies for people and planet, we train the next generation of local and global leaders in conflict resolution, gerontology, global comparative public administration, global governance and human security, international relations, public administration, and public policy.


  • address policy issues of all kinds, we tend to focus on issues of an urban society.
  • prepare our students for academia, business, and the nonprofit world, we have special expertise for practitioners of public policy.
  • approach the discipline with academic rigor and objectivity, we tend to see the issues through the prism of understanding that social and economic inequities are inherent in our system; part of our mission is to develop the tools to evaluate and address those inequities.

The McCormack Graduate School resides in a great urban public university whose ethnic and racial makeup reflects the city around us, and our home city of Boston aspires to continue its international leadership in social, economic, and technological innovation and growth.

Thus, we see diversity —in age, race, gender, ethnicity, and nationality—as central to our makeup, to great learning, and to our region's economic future.

  • 21.5% are students of color
  • 14.5% are international students and come from 34 countries
  • 57% are in-state students
  • 72% are female
  • average age: 38 years

More Fast Facts

Our student-faculty ratio of 8:1 means students gain more attention in small classes.

Degrees conferred at Commencement 2015:

  • 5 PhDs conferred in gerontology and public policy
  • 82 master's degrees (including en route degrees)
  • 21 graduate certificates

Not counting non-degree students, our annual enrollment has steadily increased from 277 in 2008 to 385 in 2013, that's a growth of 40%.

Including our affiliated faculty, McCormack Graduate School has 48 faculty members, with 57% female and 10.5% minority.

Based on Fall 2014 data

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