Accelerated Master’s Programs for UMass Boston Undergraduates

Graduate Program Offerings 

For highly-qualified UMass Boston undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and Honors College, this unique program allows you to finish your master’s degree in approximately half the time and at half the cost of a traditional two-year master’s program.

You will replace undergraduate electives with graduate coursework before matriculating as a graduate student to complete your master’s degree.


Each program will evaluate eligible students’ applications using a holistic review process to identify a cohort of talented students.

Graduate Program Offerings and Application Deadlines

We are pleased to offer accelerated master’s degree programs in the following areas. For more information, please select your program of interest.

Conflict Resolution (MA)

The Conflict Resolution program examines the causes and characteristics of local and global conflict while training students to facilitate peaceful problem solving and collaborative decision making. Graduates have gone on to become leaders and facilitators in fields as varied as peacebuilding, environmental and public policy, health care, human resources, labor relations, law, ministry, and public and private sector management.

Application deadlines: April 1 for fall admission; December 1 for spring admission. 

Application requirements for Conflict Resolution
Please note: students applying to the Conflict Resolution accelerated master’s program should also submit one or more examples of written work from a course.

Gerontology Research/Policy (MS) or Management of Aging Services (MS)

Gerontology examines the aging process at the individual, family, and community level. The Gerontology programs prepare students to address issues surrounding the growing local and national aging population, with special attention paid to the needs of low income elderly and issues of racial and cultural diversity.

Students can elect one of two tracks within the master’s program. The on-campus Research/Policy track is ideal for those interested in a career in research, advocacy, policy analysis, and nonprofit and private sector leadership. The Management of Aging Services track is designed for individuals interested in managing elder care organizations and community services.

Application deadlines: June 1 for fall admission; December 1 for spring admission

Application requirements for Gerontology Research/Policy
Application requirements for Management of Aging Services

Global Comparative Public Administration, MPA (GCPA) Program

The Global Comparative Public Administration, MPA (GCPA) program provides a global perspective to the study of public administration and aims to prepare students to lead and manage state, national, and international organizations, both in the public and nonprofit/NGO sectors. This new interdisciplinary master's degree program equips students with critical skills to resolve global inequities, drawing on faculty expertise in global best practices. Students can chose to complete the degree either in-class or online, and will be ready to face the challenges of today’s interconnected world.

Application deadline: May 1 for fall admission

Application requirements for Global Comparative Public Administration

International Relations (MA)

The International Relations program provides the theoretical foundation and research methods needed to understand the actors and systems that compose our increasingly dynamic international system. The program’s interdisciplinary faculty bring expertise in environmental politics, conflict resolution, and the Global South. Graduates of the program have gone on to work in internationally-oriented national or local government agencies, international nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations, international business, or have continued on to academic careers.

Application deadline: April 1 for fall admission
Application requirements for International Relations

Public Administration (MPA)

The Public Administration program offers a holistic understanding of the political, social, technological, and economic factors that influence the development and implementation of public policies. Students gain the skills needed to plan and manage public sector programs including budgeting and finance, ethics, and organizational behavior and management. Graduates go on to become leaders in government, public agencies, and nonprofits.

Application deadline: April 15 for fall admission; December 1 for spring admission. 

Application requirements for Public Administration


College of Liberal Arts students can apply to the accelerated master’s program in their junior year, while Honors College students apply in their sophomore or junior year. Application deadlines vary by program and are listed above.

Students should submit the following application materials. Please note that GRE scores are NOT required for accelerated programs.

Additional requirements and application instructions

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Application Deadlines for Accelerated Programs

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