Centers & Institutes

Providing High-quality Research, Technical Assistance, and Professional Services 

The work of our research centers and institutes is central to our makeup, to great learning, and to our global security and economic future.

Our scholars explore the complex issues which shape policy and impact communities worldwide, and provide timely and evidence-based guidance to policymakers, practitioners, and community leaders.

Our nationally and internationally known centers and institutes also provide students with opportunities for jobs, internships, and possible thesis or dissertation data.  

Center for Governance and Sustainability

Linking analytical rigor and policy action in environmental, developmental and sustainability governance globally through state-of-the-art research, interactive dialogue, and comprehensive training for innovative leadership.

Maria Ivanova, PhD
Contact: 617.287.7263;
Craig N. Murphy, PhD (on leave)

Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development

Promoting conflict resolution, democracy, economic development, education building, media development, and legal and judicial reform through partnerships and training programs across the globe.

Executive Director: Darren Kew, PhD
Contact: 617.287.7428;

Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities After Disasters

Offering professional training and providing expert advice and innovative research on various disaster-related topics.

Director: Adenrele Awotona, PhD
Contact: 617.287.7112;

Center for Social and Demographic Research on Aging

Providing demographic resources and research expertise to communities, non-governmental organizations, and other agencies that offer services to older adults in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

Director: Jan Mutchler, PhD
Contact: 617.287.7321;

Center for Social Policy

Reshaping poverty policy by connecting research, evaluation, and communities with lived experiences in Boston and beyond.

Director: Susan R. Crandall, PhD
Contact: 617.287.5565;

Center for Women in Politics and  Public Policy

Promoting women's political leadership through quality education and policy research.

Director: Ann Bookman, PhD
Contact: 617.287. 5554;

Research Director: Christa Kelleher, PhD
Contact: 617.287.5530;

Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management

Providing professional services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government.

Interim Director: Stephen McGoldrick, MSM
Contact: 617.287.4824;   

Gerontology Institute

Conducting basic and applied social and economic research and offering services aimed at improving the experience of aging; areas of concentration include productive aging, income security, demography, transportation, long-term services and supports, and life-long learning; providing editorial leadership for the Journal of Aging & Social Policy and Research on Aging.

Director: Len Fishman, JD

Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration

Facilitating collaboration and building capacity for conflict resolution and consensus building with government and cross state sectors.

           Executive Director: Susan Jeghelian, JD
           Contact: 617.287.4047;

           Associate Director Madhawa Palihapitiya, MA
           Contact: 617.287.4036;

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Enriching the intellectual, social, and cultural lives of adults aged 50 and over who share a love of lifelong learning.

Director: Wichian Rojanawon, PhD
617.287. 7090;

Pension Action Center

Conducting research on pension policy and offering assistance and referrals to individuals having trouble understanding or accessing their pension benefits.

Director and Managing Attorney: Jeanne M. Medeiros, JD
Contact: 617.287.7332;