Alumni Video Series

Check out this video series featuring some of our Conflict Resolution alumni as they talk about what they gained from our program, what they are doing now and their career path. 


What Alumni are Doing Now:  [on YouTube]  

Bridging cross-cultural divides, specializing in human interaction, working with communities that are divided, and facilitating conversations in fields such as municipalities, non profit organizations, businesses, education, health care and humanitarian work (just to name a few)

What I Gained:  [on YouTube]   

"I use the things I learned here every single day" -John Sarrouf

"learn how to facilitate conversations, how to get organizations to work, how to get them to reflect on themselves;" -Matt Thompson

Career Advice: [on YouTube]  

"Find What You are Passionate About"

"...if you are interested in conflict, you're interested in people, find out what it is you want to do with people and focus your energies there...."
-Matt Thompson